Florida Department of Education Supported Teacher Enhancement Programs

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The facilitated PDA online modules provide comprehensive, high quality, and accessible professional development designed to deepen understanding and enhance skills for responding to the needs of all students. The sixteen PDA modules, free to Florida educators, are available statewide and are coordinated by the nineteen FDLRS associate centers. Seven of the modules are aligned with Florida's Exceptional Student Education K-12 Certification Competencies. The Differentiating Reading Instruction module is approved to satisfy the requirements for Competency 4 of Florida's Reading Endorsement. There are also additional PDA modules designed to assist educators in becoming more proficient in responding to the various instructional and behavioral needs of individual learners. The content in each module is regularly refined and updated to ensure that participants have access to the most current information and resources.

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Florida's Alternative Certification Program

Florida's online alternative certification program is available to Florida's public school district employees. Logon ID's and passwords are provided at the request of each district. For more information, visit http://www.altcertflorida.org.

The Tracking System is no longer accessible via D2L. Please login at http://tracking.altcertflorida.org as you will no longer have access to D2L and this will be the only way for you to access the FACP content. If you need technical support, please contact support+facp@fcim.org or call 1-800-357-1072.

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